P O Box 336
Baileys Harbor, WI  54202   


 Leann Despotes, President

Suzanne Bauldry, Vice President
Marianne Newton, Secretary
Mary Moran, Treasurer

Suzanne Bauldry
Roy Cole
Leann Despotes
Mary Moran
Marianne Newton
Kristen Peil

Nancy Rafal
Howard Williamson            

      Baileys Harbor Historical Society 
Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin 


Welcome to the Baileys Harbor Historical Society!  We hope you will be intrigued by and interested in our plans for exploring, understanding, and disseminating the history of Baileys Harbor.


The 19th century pioneering families who, by hand, cleared their land of rocks and trees for farming, built their first homes from those trees, shipped limestone for building cities, and risked their lives fishing and sailing on Lake Michigan, established a community which has supported those families as well as nourished residents who became artists, environmentalists and entrepreneurs.


For over 150 years, Baileys Harbor has had a lively and interesting history.  So, whether you are Baileys Harbor born and bred, or if you got here as soon as you could, we hope you will join in what we think will be rewarding and informative journey by joining the Baileys Harbor Historical Society.




In June, 2009, the Town Board established a temporary Historical Committee to address the possible purchase of a structure, and to evaluate similar opportunities as they may arise in the future.  There was also a stated desire to establish a town historical society that would be a separate entity, and not a committe of the town government.


Several interested citizens volunteered to participate in this committee, and considerable progress has been made.  After completing an opinion survey of property owners, evaluating other possible purchases, and considering the long-range ramifications of maintaining and operating such a site, it was decided that it would be premature to purchase a property at this time. 


Nonetheless, the members were committed to establishing an "official" local historical society that would be associated with and recognized by the Wisconsin Historical Society.  Fortunately, a member, who has had significant experience with another  Wisconsin historical society was a member of the committee, and provided guidance as well as many hours of work in the development of bylaws, establishing our status as a non-profit entity, structuring the committee appropriately, and affiliating with the Wisconsin Historical Society.




The mission of the Baileys Harbor Historical Society is to collect, research, preserve and disseminate knowledge related to the history of Baileys Harbor.  It supports and encourages the preservation of the historic materials, as well as educating residents and visitors about Baileys Harbor history.





The purpose of the Baileys Harbor Historical Society is education, and shall be to preserve, advance and disseminate knowledge of the history of the town of Baileys Harbor. 



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